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Horse anatomy includes hocks, gaskins and pasterns, features owners and riders should learn to converse with specialists. Learn about horse anatomy and parts of a horse’s back legs and hooves from a ranch owner in this free horse care video. Expert: Kathy Kentala Bio: Kathy Kentala owns the Bee Cave Riding Center in Austin, TX. [...]

An experienced dressage trainer shows how to supple your horse’s poll in this helpful video.

You can get some good tips as Pat Parelli talks about natural horsemanship and demonstrates a few basics of horse training in this video.

It is important to know about saddles before buying one. Learn about the different parts of horse saddles in this free online video.

Here is a demonstration of some simple horse tricks. This is a fun way to build a better bond with your horse. It is easy and only takes 10 minutes per day.

This video shows how to train a horse to stand still for mounting, as demonstrated by reining and cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha.

This video demonstrates how to teach a horse different ways of jumping. There are explanations for free jumping, sideways and take.

This video has a demonstration and a discussion from Monty Roberts on backing up a horse and how that is one of the six imperatives.

An experienced rider talks about horse behavior on the trail and why a horse might act the way it does when it is around other horses on the trail.

This great video shows how an abused mini horse is learning to trust as a result of loving care and good clicker training.

This video shows tips for training a roping horse. Bob Dorn demonstrates how to prepare a horse for heading, heeling and roping steers.

An important aspect of horse care and knowledge is horse nutrition and the proper feeding to provide your horse what it needs.